I am a non profit website design specialist seeking opportunities to work for organizations in the not for profit sector. My name is Dan Globus and for the last 4 years, I have specialized in working for not for profit organizations including New York Insight Meditation Center, the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art.

These are the areas that I specialize in:

  1. I am a mobile website specialist. I can take any website and redesign this so that it looks great, is easy to read, and functions perfectly on mobile devices including iPhones and Droids. My mobile sites are 100% Google compliant. You will never need to pinch an enlarge content on my mobile sites.
  2. I optimize websites for Google. This includes understanding who your target market is, doing the research to target the correct keywords, writing content, and then optimizing the pages of your website to ensure that your website obtains top positions in Google and will be found by the people that you need to find your website.
  3. I have been writing professionally for over 2 decades and can create content that will help promote your organization and help you to achieve top rankings in Google.

Why I Become a Web Developer for Non Profit Organizations?

not for profit companiesIn my experience, the non profits I have worked for are small companies with only a handful of employees. They need each person within their organization to tackle the tasks that are normally carried out by several people. Even though non profits need someone to manage their websites, they really require someone to do much more than this. They need that person to create content for the site. They need:

  • Event updates
  • News updates
  • Changes to personnel pages
  • Creation of blogs and possibly articles
  • Updates to the theme and plugins (WordPress sites)
  • A watchful eye for security issues

I love to do all of these things and have always fit into the role of the person who must take on and successfully deal with multiple tasks. I especially enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor. As my work progresses, I get the opportunity to see traffic increase to my client’s website as a result of Google rankings, Social Media, and other things. I get the opportunity to see more people attend events at the organization. I get the opportunity to see the organization’s revenue grow!

What Have I Learned Building Non Profit Websites?

There is a misunderstanding in some organizations about the terms “non profit and “not for profit”. Some people believe that a not for profit organization doesn’t exist to generate revenue and are happy to see their organization just get by to meet their overhead. They lose or do not have the vision on how to grow the organization so that more revenue can be generated and then the revenue gets reinvested towards the goals of the organization.
I have learned that most smaller NFP’s lose the vision of how to increase revenue because they are overwhelmed with the day to day running of the organization. They become stuck in a pattern that doesn’t allow them to look at the future and make changes to grow the organization.
When I step into such an organization, I like to slowly propose ideas on how to use digital avenues to increase revenue. I don’t want to overwhelm an organization, but at the same time, I have the ability to move very quickly and implement changes very fast.

How Can I Assist NFP’s?

I am available on a contract, hourly and full-time basis to work for an organization to do the following:

  • build and/or manage the company’s website
  • update/redesign the company’s website to make it 100% mobile-friendly
  • increase website traffic and rankings via SEO and SEM services
  • either manage Social Media or teach someone on staff how to manage Social Media
  • manage digital advertising
  • be able to address computer and software/app related tasks in house

What Locations Do I Service?

I can work in-house at locations in Manhattan. Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and parts of New Jersey as I live and work in Staten Island. If you are located anywhere else in the USA, I encourage you to consider allowing me to work remotely. You’ll find that I am readily available via phone, text messages, Skype and I respond to e-mails within 30 minutes or less. I can interact via web cam and can do screen sharing to discuss work.

If you’re a non profit seeking a web developer with mobile and digital marketing expertise, contact Dan Globus via e-mail or call (347) 416-3780.