If you are seeking a freelance WordPress developer that works at reasonable rates, you have found one. My name is Dan Globus and I have been developing WordPress websites for the last 8 years. I absolutely love to develop websites using WP, I work very quickly, can give you just about any feature/functionality you need, and I also provide digital marketing services including SEO.

Many companies have WordPress websites and they need someone to update their site on a regular basis. But finding a reasonably priced WordPress developer is not always easy. It’s also not very easy to find a developer that is readily available and dependable.

dan globus freelance web developer

Some companies try to utilize their employees to update content in their website. This can be a bad idea that leads to a few problems. An employee may sacrifice valuable time and effort working on web-related tasks and neglect their normal duties. As these employees are not WP developers, they are typically limited in what they can do. They are rarely versed in how to create new pages in the website and are almost never able to optimize content for search engine purposes.

What Are the Going Rates for WordPress Developers?

The rates in most US cities ranges between $40-$150 per hour with the agencies, small businesses and “specialists” charging the higher rates. In New York City, many individual WordPress developers are charging $100+ per hour. Is this hourly rate so high because they are so good at what they do? Generally speaking, the answer is “no”. The cost of living in NYC is quite expensive so these developers need to charge a higher rate. The same holds true of other cities including San Francisco, Chicago and others.
Are there WordPress developers in NYC that charge lower rates? The answer is YES! Living in Staten Island, one of the boroughs of New York City, my cost of living is less than someone living in Manhattan. So, I am able to offer much more attractive rates than most freelance developers in NYC.

And if you’re a company located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island, it is very easy to commute to your office and do onsite work. I typically visit Manhattan at least once a week so meeting with a client, discussing their needs, and discussing solutions, is always easily accomplished. I am available to meet with and work in-house for NYC clients 2-3 times per week.

Remote WordPress Developer Jobs

Some companies feel the need to have their developer work in-house and do not feel safe posting remote WordPress jobs. There is a perception that it is necessary to have the developer in-house so that the developer’s work and progress can be monitored. However, the reality is that developers can produce work just as effectively and efficiently from a remote location as they can while working in-house. A developer’s work can be easily monitored by various methods. I can do screen sharing via Zoom to allow a client to see my work progress. Using a screen sharing App like Zoom also allows a client to interact and brainstorm ideas.

What Services Do I Offer?

I can step into any WordPress site and make immediate changes to it.

  • Fix any existing issues.
  • Add content that your company needs in the site immediately.
  • Create fresh and 100% unique content.
  • Add features/functionality to accomplish just about anything you need.
  • Do competition and keyword research.
  • Optimize your site for high organic rankings in Google.
  • Write blogs that will obtain high rankings.
  • Make your website 100% mobile-friendly (i.e. look and function great on iPhones and Droids).

Hiring Overseas WordPress Freelancers

It is no secret that you can easily hire a web developer overseas from many countries at a fraction of the cost of USA developers. In some countries, you can still find developers working for $10 per hour or less. There was a time when you could hire people in India, who were extremely proficient WordPress developers, for $6-$12 per hour. However, overall, these days are gone as Indians have found that they can charge comparable rates to USA freelancers and get work.

If you’re a USA company seeking a developer, should you hire someone overseas so that you can save money? Keep in mind the following. Most people working overseas do not natively speak English. So, you will encounter a language barrier when communicating via e-mail and phone. There is also a time difference factor. As most countries are several hours ahead of the USA, you may not find it convenient to get responses to e-mails one day later.

Highly Responsive to Your Needs

As many freelancers are juggling multiple projects, you can find that there are many times when they become far less responsive to your communications and needs. I have typically only worked for 1-2 clients at a time so that I can focus my attention and efforts on their needs. When you hire me, you will find that I typically respond to e-mails within 30 minutes and I am almost always available via calls and text messages.

Every company needs someone to manage their online presence no matter the size of the company and no matter their budget. If are seeking someone to manage your online presence and increase your company’s revenue, then contact me and let’s discuss your needs. I can be reached via e-mail me or call me at (347) 416-3780.