WordPress Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Mobile Website Specialist

Dan Globus

Developing and marketing websites since 1995.

Specializing in the Not-for-Profit sector since 2010.

About Me

Every organization needs someone to manage their online presence. Since 1995, I have been managing the online presence of the 3 digital agencies that I started as well as hundreds of corporations in various industries. If you need someone to not only oversee everything your company is doing online, but insure that your online presence is translating into profits, Dan Globus is your person.


  • Converting existing sites into superior mobile-friendly sites
  • Improving site appearance and functionality through re-built WordPress version
  • Improving site rankings in Google via SEO
  • Adding additional and extended site functionality


  • WordPress (9+ years)
  • Website Design (20+ years)
  • Web Development (20+ years)
  • Web Design (20+ years)
  • Photoshop (20+ years)
  • Search Engine Optimization/SEO (10+ years)
  • Search Engine Marketing/SEM (10+ years)
  • Google Analytics (20+ years)
  • Google Console/Webmaster Tools (20+ years)
  • Google Adwords (10+ years)
  • Blogging (20+ years)
  • Article Writer (20+ years)
  • Press Releases (20+ years)
  • Digital Marketing (20+ years)
  • Digital Strategy (20+ years)
  • Social Media Marketing (10+ years)
  • Social Media Management (10+ years)
  • Microsoft Office (20+ years)
  • Branding (20+ years)
  • Business Development (20+ years)
  • Employee Training (20+ years)
  • Photography (20+ years)

Why Hire Me

I excel in doing very specific things. I create and recreate websites using the WordPress platform. When I do this, I give my clients great looking and functioning mobile websites. If I am hired to include digital marketing, I will optimize their website, work with Google Console and insure that they will obtain very competitive rankings in Google.

I possess 2+ decades of experience as a business owner and manager coupled with web development and digital marketing skills. While the typical “web developer” will most likely do what you ask them to do, if you are very specific, if you need ideas on how to better utilize your website and online presence, most “web developers” either will not or cannot do this.

My business experience has taught me to look at situations and to see how I can improve these. When I am hired to work on a company’s online presence, I find it relatively easy to understand what their goals are, make recommendations on how to meet those goals, and then implement the solutions.


“As the Director of New York Insight Meditation Center, I hired Dan Globus in November 2016 to work on the New York Insight Meditation Center website. He was hired to take our existing website and bring the design into a new WordPress installation with a new theme. I had reservations about hiring Dan as he quoted a significantly lower price/delivery time than other NYC developers. However, Dan delivered on his commitment. We received a brand-new website within a very short period that was free of all the issues from our previous developer. I subsequently hired Dan for a one-year term to provide ongoing updates to the website and some digital marketing tasks.

Dan is easy to work with and a very skilled communicator for someone so tech savvy. He works very independently, meets his deadlines, delivers very professional work, and does not nickel and dime you. I highly recommend Dan and know that he will be a valuable asset to any organization that hires him.”

Gregg Hill, Director of New York Insight Meditation Center

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Dan Globus to you as an online marketing specialist and website developer but also as one with incredible tech knowledge who is able to share his knowledge with tech phobic people. I have observed him as a natural patient teacher with a group with very varied understanding of the tech skills and website nuances now available and changing almost daily.

Dan joined the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art technology committee to reconstruct our website, update & modernize our thoughts about any number of technology and social media questions. This has been extremely beneficial for the museum and let me experience first hand Dan’s technology skills and his ability to present issues knowledgeably and to bring people of different opinions together. He enabled us to deploying our website quickly, creating a very user-friendly mobile browser website, achieving rankings in Google and driving traffic, etc. to the site.

We have seen proof positive of his efforts via better Google rankings and an increase of people in attendance.

I heartily recommend Dan Globus for such roles.”

Margaret R. Harrington,
COO of Victory Education Partners, Inc. (aka Victory Schools, Inc.).
Chief Executive of all School Programs and Support Services, NYC Public School System

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